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Citizenship Fortnight (2015)

Every year the school runs a very successful fortnight of activities around the themes of ‘Citizenship’ and ‘Responsibility’ towards the end of January. This year the focus of our Citizenship fortnight has been on British Values and a better understanding of Rights of the Child as well as their responsibilities as per the UN Convention.

From Nursery to Year 6, all pupils were engaged in an exciting range of different activities and educational visits.  Some important places visited were:

  • Houses of Parliament (Year 6)
  • Tower of London (Year 4)
  • Greater London Assembly (Year 5)
  • Ealing Council Chambers (School Council)

All the classes in KS2 were engaged in exciting competitions:

  • Designing a poster about “Needs and Wants” based on UN Conventions.
  • Creating school banners about children’s rights and responsibilities.
  • Power point presentations
  • Debating on “whether the Voting age for elections be lowered to 16?”

Below is a selection of some of the work done by our pupils: