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2022 Parent Survey Data

Now that we are emerging from the pandemic we wanted to again survey parents/carers to help to inform the school of how we can work together to support learning for all pupils.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to and answer the survey questions.  It is very pleasing for the staff and governors to see that despite the challenges of the past two years, so many families remain pleased and positive about the work we are doing in school.

December 2022 (update)

With the continued impact following the pandemic, we decided to do an updated survey in December also including the nursery intake and the ARP classes. 

Nursery/Reception/KS1/Starfish Responses - click here

KS2 and Dolphin Class Responses - click here

Thank you for taking time once again to respond to the questions. It is pleasing for all staff and governors to see the positive responses. Given all the work we have done on phonics, reading, library access and Bedrock online learning, it is great to see the very positive responses to these questions.