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Beaconsfield Primary School

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Attendance and Punctuality

Coming to school often (attendance) is the most important way to achieve good learning results. If you are not at school you miss out on learning. At Beaconsfield we expect pupils to be here for over 96% of all school sessions.

We monitor attendance/absence daily, weekly & half-termly. If attendance is below 96% or there are ‘unauthorised absences’ you will be contacted through letters, calls or even visits from the LA Attendance Officer.

The entry gates are open from 8:30am. Our start times remain 8:50am and we would expect ALL PUPILS to arrive by 8:45am each day.

Absence Procedure

If your child is absent due to sickness we ask that you phone the school BEFORE 9:45AM (020 8574 3506) to leave a message using‘ Option 1’ of the answering machine and providing:

* Your child’s name

* Your child’s class (e.g. 3 Blue)

* Brief reason for absence

When your child returns to school, you are still required to provide a written note explaining the absence. This is required even if you phoned and left a message.

Leave During Term Time

All parents need to be aware that there is NO RIGHT or ENTITLEMENT TO LEAVE FROM SCHOOL. We expect all holidays, visits, family celebrations and events are completed in the 13 weeks of school closure periods each year.

Any requests for leave must be made in writing using the school leave form.

This would usually be UNAUTHORISED LEAVE. These requests will be referred to Ealing Council to issue £120 fines and possibly prosecution.

All parent/carers need to be aware that taking “unauthorised leave’’ is an offence under section 444 of the Education Act (1996). Such an offence can be subject to prosecution or liable for a penalty notice (£120 per child).

Pupils who take unauthorised leave may be removed from the school register and will have to re-apply to Ealing Admissions.. We have removed pupils from the school roll for unauthorised absence in the past. Any required quarantine time periods after travel will also be included as “unauthorised leave” and will be liable for fines.