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Beaconsfield Primary School

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Class Teachers : Ms Asha Jassi

Classroom Support: Ms Kelly Chase

The Nursery classes have been learning about sounds.

We went on a Listening walk and wrote down some of the things we heard.

We have been playing different instruments and making loud and quiet sounds.

We are learning about numbers and are counting lots of things around the class room.

We like cutting and sticking.

We choose our own materials and cut and stick them to make pictures and patterns.

We like mark making.

We used paint, felt pens and the computer to make lots of different marks.

The following are some of the display pictures from the Nursery class. 

Our Topic on Space makes all sorts of learning fun.  Nursery children use stories as a stimulus for learning. They are used to develop children's language and can also be used to help other areas of learning.


We learnt space songs and space dances.

The Little Red Hen wanted to make her own bread but her friends wouldn't help her so she had to do all the work herself.


Which shapes could make strong walls.

We built houses with walls and a door and talked about the shapes we used.


We talked about bread and how it is made and make bread rolls into faces.


We explored mark making with paint.


We made pictures of space and rockets.


We built spaceships and pretend to be astronauts going to the moon.


We made rockets from construction toys to take our own photos of them.


We used different materials to make things



We used scissors and tape dispensers carefully.