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Beaconsfield Primary School

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Teacher: Mr J Barna

ARP Support Team: Mr D Nermut, Mrs S Panesar, Mrs S Bhatti, Mrs S Kaur,        Mrs N Kaur, Ms N O'Connor & Mrs P Rahman (ARP SMSA)


Starfish Class looked at toys that they played with when they were babies, toddlers and what they play with now.  We made spinners and finger puppets and chose our favourite toys to display.  Miss Shaheen showed us pictures of her tea set from when she was a little girl.


Starfish class display


Starfish Class talked about ourselves and where we belong.  We spoke about our senses and talked about our class rules, such as good listening and good sitting.  We tied our rules in with our display to remind us about 'good' choices and how we can make those choices.

Starfish class display