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Beaconsfield Primary School

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The aim of our curriculum is to prepare our learners for their futures by giving them the opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills that will equip them for an ever changing digital world.

Our Computing curriculum focuses on a progression of skills in digital literacy, computer science and information technology to ensure that children can use a range of different technologies effectively and safely in a range of contexts. These strands are revisited repeatedly through a range of themes during children’s time in school to ensure the learning is embedded and skills are successfully developed. Our intention is that Computing also supports children’s creativity and cross curricular learning to engage children and enrich their experiences in school.

The aim of our Computing curriculum is to create responsible, digitally literate and self-confident pupils who demonstrate the following essential characteristics:

  • The ability to connect with others safely and respectfully, understanding the need to act within the law and with moral and ethical integrity.
  • An understanding of the connected nature of devices.
  • The ability to communicate ideas well by using applications and devices throughout the curriculum.
  • Competence in coding for a variety of practical and inventive purposes, including the application of ideas within other subjects.
  • The ability to collect, organise and manipulate data effectively.
  • An understanding of computing terms such as computer network, Internet, algorithm, program, World Wide Web, website, etc.
  • To recognise and talk about some common uses of technology in the world around them.

Our Curriculum

The following factors have been taken into consideration when designing the Computing curriculum.

  • We recognise the importance of providing our children with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure they use technology safely and within the boundaries of the law. This includes providing our parents and carers with the information they need to help keep their children safe from harm when using technology outside of the school environment.
  • The school SMART rules provide clear guidelines which pupils become familiar with throughout their time in school in order to ensure their online safety. Pupils are regularly reminded of these rules and the importance of staying safe when using the internet and devices. Additional information for parents and carers about online safety can be found here.
  • We use technologies such as Lyfta to help our pupils experience other cultures so they are prepared to become global citizens within the framework of British Values.
  • Collaboration with a specialist provider ensures pupils have access to a high-quality curriculum and our teachers are supported with high-quality planning and resources.
  • Opportunities to use computing skills are embedded across the curriculum. The use of technology also helps children to develop their skills in other subjects both at home and at school e.g. the use of Bedrock to support vocabulary development, First News ihub to build comprehension skills, links to our maths curriculum to develop their skills in data handling, shape and space, etc.
  • Themed days are designed to allow children to immerse themselves into the skills of computing and its vocabulary. This helps children to learn how what they learn in computing at school can be applied in a range of contexts in everyday life both now and in their futures. 
  • Pupils have access to 'Records of Learning' files (ROL) where they can ‘print-screen’ and save their work on the school system. They are able to write comments about their skills and progression and teachers can respond to their work and provide feedback.

Overviews of our Computing Curriculum for each year group can be found below:

Year 1 Computing Curriculum – click here

Year 2 Computing Curriculum – click here

Year 3 Computing Curriculum – click here

Year 4 Computing Curriculum – click here

Year 5 Computing Curriculum – click here

Year 6 Computing Curriculum – click here

Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment experiences (such as workshops or class trips) are planned by the subject leader to further develop pupils’ understanding of the topics studied. All enrichment opportunities must have IMPACT on learning and deepen pupils’ understanding of key concepts. Examples of enrichment experiences which take place regularly include:

  • Themed days such as ‘Robotics Day’ and ‘Online-safety awareness’ take place in school to allow pupils to engage and apply computing skills.
  • Regular workshops to the Apple Store and Sky Studios take place every year where pupils have an opportunity to see how computing skills are applied across different areas of work.