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Beaconsfield Primary School

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A Brief History of Our School

The school site is comprised of two large buildings: one a modern two-storey building completed in 2017 and the other a large 'Victorian style' building from 1908. 

The older building was originally built as a school for girls. During WWI, from 1916 - 1919 it was used as a hospital where over 7000 Australian soldiers were treated for the injuries they sustained on the battlefields. After the end of the war, it returned to being used as a school and was later converted into a mixed infant and junior school. 

During WWII the number of pupils attending fell drastically due to 'The Blitz' with many pupils evacuated out of London to safety. Air raid shelters were built at the rear of the site (near Oswald Road) though fortunately no bombs fell on the school itself. 

From the 1950s onwards, Southall developed as an area for Asian immigrants to settle in with work in local factories and close proximity to Heathrow Airport. 

Today, Southall is undergoing a period of rapid change with a new Crossrail station and large new modern housing developments. Our modern building was opened in 2017 as the school expanded to two form of entry and this building also includes our purpose built ARP Unit facilities.