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Beaconsfield Primary School

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Our Edible Garden

At Beaconsfield Primary School we are very proud of our Edible Garden and our Eco-Warriors Committee as we continue our journey as an Eco-School. The Edible Garden at Beaconsfield has created a sense of vibrancy and excitement amongst pupils and staff, supporting us in going beyond the traditional means of teaching and instilling real life and practical experiences in our pupils, where they learn how to cultivate their own food and gardens creating a fabulous sensory experience for all pupils.  We feel this is particularly important to ensure our pupils, who are living in an inner city environment, can develop a clear understanding of where their food comes from. 

Children are encouraged to develop their own section of the Edible Garden in order to inspire the entire school community to become more involved in growing a more environmentally sustainable future. Children are taught using cross-curricular links and methods that will promote their love of learning and embed knowledge that will allow children to make informed decisions and choices about creating a greener planet, making good food choices and staying fit and healthy.

The Eco-Warrior Committee and the School Council work in partnership to support our wider aim of becoming a greener school and provides pupils with the opportunity to become ambassadors allowing children to use their voice, initiative and ideas in promoting a healthy, happy and environmentally friendly environment. The staff, pupils and eco-warriors all promote a love for nature, learning and making a positive contribution to the planet as one whole school community.

We participate in lots of projects throughout the year. For example, in the spring term we plant bulbs and seeds in time for summer (see photos below). This is to attract local wildlife and insects to our school so they can benefit from a beautiful habitat.  We are also going to be exploring different ways of recycling to reduce waste.