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PE (Physical Education)

PE and Swimming is a compulsory subject of the National Curriculum.  

Years 1 to 6 (EXCEPT YEAR 4) have PE every Monday.

Years 1 to 6 (INCLUDING YEAR 4) have PE every Friday. 

Year 4 have swimming every Thursday. 

Please click here to see letter to parents about PE Lessons.


The aim of our PE curriculum is to develop pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding in all areas of physical development. The curriculum is designed to build on the needs of our pupils by providing them with as much opportunity to take part in physical development through their PE lessons and also by promoting physical activities, team building skills and confidence through participation of games and activities during lunch play and taking part in competitive competitions.

The aim of our PE curriculum is designed to create active, healthy and self-confident pupils who demonstrate the following essential characteristics:

  • The ability to develop their fundamental skills in agility, balance and co-ordination (ABC) from Reception through to Year 6 through a wide variety of sport and physical performance based activities.
  • The ability to take part in individual skills, group skills and team games, using PE equipment appropriate for their age.
  • The ability to discuss and understand the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • The ability to understand the changes which take place to the body during physical exercise.
  • The ability to understand that fair play and sportsmanship is a fundamental aspect of competitive sports.

Our Curriculum

The following factors have been taken into consideration when designing pur PE curriculum:

  • Children must have equal opportunities to take part in a range of sports and physical activities within a supportive environment where effort as well as success is recognised. We are particularly aware of the importance of ensuring girls participate fully in all activities and look to challenge gender stereotypes around sport whenever possible.
  • Our school is in an area of inner London where access to outdoor space outside of school is limited for many of our children. We also see high levels of childhood obesity within our school community. Therefore we look to maximise opportunities for children to participate in physical activity throughout the school day including during PE lessons, after school clubs, outdoor learning, lunch provision and special events.
  • We have taken the decision to work in collaboration with a specialist provider in order to ensure that our pupils have access to high quality PE lessons.
  • We provide weekly swimming lessons throughout the year for Years 3, 4 and for Year 5 during the summer term as many of our children.
  • We recognise the importance of ensuring children have the opportunity to take part in competitions and other sporting events with children from other schools and therefore these are organised regularly. We use PE coaches from Featherstone High School to help prepare children for these competitions during lunchtime activities.

Please find the PE overviews for each year group below:

Year 1 - click here

Year 2 - click here

Year 3 - click here

Year 4 - click here

Year 5 - click here

Year 6 - click here

Assessment in PE

The primary reason for assessment is to provide the pupil and the teacher with vital information which can then be used to improve future teaching and learning. Teachers will use a range of strategies to gain information about how well a child has understood a concept during the lesson including the use of effective questioning about changes to our body during physical exercise, warm ups and warm downs.  Appropriate verbal feedback and peer or self-assessment tasks should then be used to provide children with the information they need to continue to make rapid progress.

End of unit competitions, performances and skill based activities provide an assessment tool which PE teachers can use to assess pupils’ progress over the course of each topic. Parents are able to discuss the progress their children are making in PE informally at any point during and are also invited to Parent open evenings once every term. End of year reports include a summative assessment of pupils’ progress across the year.

Enrichment opportunities

Pupils are provided with opportunities to take part in physical activities through after school clubs, lunchtime games which are coached by Featherstone School Sports Partnership, participating in intra and inter school competitions. In addition to this, pupils also visit sports venues around the local area as well as watch competitive sports at stadiums around London.