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Beaconsfield Primary School

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Religious Education (RE)

At our school the aim of Religious Education curriculum is to create tolerant global citizens, who demonstrate an outstanding level of religious understanding and knowledge. The curriculum is designed to play a significant role in the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It promotes respect and open-mindedness towards others with different faiths and beliefs and encourages pupils to develop their sense of identity and belonging through self-awareness and reflection. The principle aim of RE is to engage pupils in an enquiry approach where they can develop an understanding and appreciation for the expression of beliefs, cultural practices and influence of principle religions and worldviews in the local, national and wider global community.

The key aims for religious education are reflected in the two attainment targets.

 Attainment Target 1- Learning about region and belief

 Attainment Target 2- Learning from religion and belief

Our Curriculum

Within our curriculum, there is a balance in RE between learning about Religions (i.e. facts, artefacts, specific details and common themes across Religions) and learning from religion (i.e. thoughts, analysing facts and looking at the meaning of stories and events).

The Religious Education curriculum has also been designed to meet the needs of our community by consideration of the following factors:

  • Developing our pupils’ English skills, their knowledge of vocabulary and promoting a love of reading.
  • Supporting our children in becoming global citizens within the framework of British Values and through our work as a Rights Respecting School.
  • Enabling pupils to develop a ‘Growth Mindset’ in the context of our school ethos of ‘Belief, Perseverance, Success’.
  • Ensuring pupils learn about a wide range of religions including those they are less likely to encounter within our local community.

Please find the RE overviews for each year group below:

Year 1 – Please click here

Year 2 – Please click here

Year 3 – Please click here

Year 4 – Please click here

Year 5 – Please click here

Year 6 – Please click here

RE Lessons

Teachers plan and deliver lessons which include:

  • A clear focus on developing the skills of enquiry. Therefore, we teach the subject through the exploration of 'big questions'. Teaching in this way helps children to compare and consider everybody and think critically, ultimately leading to greater understanding and respect. 
  • Children are given the opportunity to talk enthusiastically about their personal experiences and beliefs.
  • Opportunities to ask questions, discuss, debate, explore and engage with different religious and non-religious beliefs confidently, to develop their own sense of identity, belonging and a personal view of the world.
  • The use of a range of religious artefacts.
  • Listening to or reading religious stories as appropriate.
  • Using pictures/ photos/ video clips to explore key concepts.